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ZCA Sports Overview

All Zuca skate bags or rollerbags are available at kerjean sports skate shop in Miami.
All Warranty covers defects in materials & craftmanship for up to 1 years.
A true all-around athlete, the patented design of the ZCA Sport demands attention.
Agile. Graceful. Absurdly versatile. And with a light, super-strong aluminum frame and over sized polyurethane wheels (they climb stairs), even school hallways and cracked sidewalks can’t slow its roll. Other sweet features?
A removable hand washable bag. Wheels that flash.
Tons of custom combos.
And yes, a built-in seat. Ready? Game on

ZUCA Business & Travel Overview

The Zuca roller bags are the perfect lugage to travel . The Business travelers unite have been developed for the seasoned road warrior,
the ZCA Pro is part carry-on, part organizer, and part “darn is this thing cool”. With a built-in seat (seriously) and removable packing pouches that stack like drawers, this patented new concept in travel is like nothing else. Period. Better yet, the ZCA Pro fits comfortably into overheads and comes with a TSA-friendly toiletry bag.
The Zuca Travel roller bags are available on line at and at our store in Miami Florida kerjean Sports.

The ZCA Travel and business carries alifetime warranty.

ZCA Pet Carrier Overview

Who said the Dogs & Cats men best friends don’t like to Roll !!!. Now with ZCA we are setting a new trend in the way we transport our four legged friends. The ZZCA Pet Carrier is not only a rolling bag, it’s a way of life, and can be used in the car, outdoors, and even in your house!
Call Kerjean Sports shop in Miami for for info at 305-668-6001.

The aluminum external ZCASport frame doubles as a mobile seat for pet owners, and the carrier is easilysecured in your car with a standard seat belt for the safest ride available forpets today! Pets can now be transported to the vet, the park, or on a familyvacation safely and in style.
*When ordering, chose the ZCA Sport frame color of your choice and one ZZCAMesh Insert in Charcoal, Navy, or Pink.

ZCA Artist Collection

Even being a specialized skate shop located in Miami Florida, we have been selling a lot of zuca artist bag to many make up artist and hair dresser.
Zuca/h3 is offering a flawless new collectionfor artists on the go who value organization, style, and perfection. What morecould you ask for?
Protect and organize the tools of your trade and travel
in stylewith our new ZCA Artist Collection,

tailored for the artist in you!
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