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Seba Skates is proud to introduce you the leader in the Freestyle industry.With the Freestyle legend and World Champion Sbastien Laffargue personally leads the design of each model in the Seba Skate line. Sbastiens skates are performance focused and made uncompromisingly to his high standards. Sebasion Laffarque signature will display on each skate is more than just an endorsement, its the designer signing his work.When you buy Seba skates at and , not only are you getting top quality skates, but youre also supporting the development of skating all over the world.The Seba is a brand that continually re-invests in the sport to push skating to higher and higher levels by sponsoring athletes and events and funding organizations that represent and promote skating.The Seba High is the original Seba skate, it tooks the freestyle world by storm in 2005 and has continued to dominate the freestyle market, whilst the Seba FR1 was released in 2006, replacing the Salomon FSK as the free ride market leader across Asia and Europe.Since then, skate designer and ex freestyle & downhill champion, Sebastien Laffargue has further expanded the Seba range to include a high-end carbon freestyle skate (Seba Carbon), and the Seba GT designed for downhill and fitness skating.Seba USA is proud to continue the tradition of skater owned and operated companies that give back to the sport.The USA freestyle scene was cultivated by the tireless efforts of both Sebastien and Naomi Grigg.To that end, its only appropriate that Naomi partnered with three time US Freestyle Champion, Jeremy LaCivita, to create Seba USA,the North American distributor for Seba products.. Skate safe



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