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Riedell Skates

The Number One Brand Roller Skates For Over 70 YearsWhether ice skating with Riedell boots and Eclipse Blades, or roller skating with Riedell boots, Radar Wheels, PowerDyne plates, and KwiK bearings, we have it all.Riedell skates will cover your every need whether you’re a world class skater or skating for the first time. If you’re ready to take your skating to the next level, join the Riedell team of great products.*********************In the world of roller skating, Riedell Skates has no equal. For the truly demanding skater, Riedell offers the finest quality skating boot available with a comfort level to match. Riedell also offers complete color customization on most of their roller skating boots so you can own a pair of skates that match your personality. Whether you are interested in a comfortable skate that accentuates your style, or you are looking to gain a competitive edge, Riedell has the skate for you.As the roller skating industry has evolved, so to has Riedell. Today, with the resurgence of Roller Derby and the increasing demand for highly specialized skates, Riedell is proud to offer a wide variety of Radar Wheels, PowerDyne plates, and KwiK bearings. These premium brands are engineered to help you skate faster, skate longer, and, as always, look your best.** Any return or exchange on riedell skate are subject to a 10 to 20% restocking fee**

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