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Roller Derby Fitness Skate

Roller Derby Fitness Inline Skates It has been more than 80 years than Leo and Oscar Selzer created the company Roller Derby Skate, It first started as banked track derby and then grew as a more traditional roller skateIt did not took long for the Roller Derby Skate Company became a leading manufacturer of skates, and still is today.During the inline skating revolution in the 90’s, the Roller Derby Skate Company has provided Americans with productsfor their favorite skating sports for over 80 years.The family of brands includes the iconic rink brand Pacer, Lake Placid Ice Skates, Tour Hockey, and 360 Watersports.Today, the company’s headquarters remain in Litchfield, Illinois, where the skates were originally produced on site. It has warehouse locations on the east and west coasts so that skates can quickly be shipped to anyone, anywhere in the country. At Roller Skate USA we have been offering the Roller Derby and Pacer Skate to our customer for more than 30 years.

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