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Inline Skate Flyke

FLYKE Racing SkatesThe Speed skating industry was offering only some options offrames to the racers. FLYKE was created to cover all the gaps by introducingthe most selection to all type of skates.The Flykes co-owner had designed frames to well-knownbrands of the world. Additionally, his experience as head coach of theColombian national team during more than 10 years, has been directed to improveindividual performance of each speed skate racer, depending of type of racingwhich each is going to compete.After wining many Gold medals with the Colombian team, hedecided to create his own brand to offer the best aluminum speed skateframes ever made worldwide to all speed racers in the world.Today FLYKE his the company who had the most World Championskating on their frame and boots and they keep improving.Flyke Making Champion one skater at the time.

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