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Inline Skate Powerslide

POWERSLIDE SKATE TheWE LOVE TO SKATE STORYEverything started back in 1994, whenthe inline boom was just about to take off. The whole “new inline skatewave” crossed the Atlantic Ocean andresulted in the foundation of POWERSLIDE by the driving salesman Roll-Knollalongside his business partner Stefan Goehl creating the setting for animpressive company history. Initially POWERSLIDE’s assortment of products wascomposed for the most part by those already established in the booming inlineparadise of the USA, however, it didn’t stop there, soon they completed theircollection with some infamous in-house brands, before finally going on tocreate their very own product line. By 1997 the dream of creating their ownbrands had become a reality. Now they had to take control of the situation,learning from setbacks and always evolving and improving. The 2020 cataloguethat we now present to you is composed of what many would consider to be themost complete product range available in the inline market. We thank you, our loyal customer, formaking all this possible. It is thanks to you and your support that we havebeen able to consistently overcome all the fluctuations in the marketsuccessfully for so many years and you can still find us with a passion to continueto evolve and innovate, bringing the POWERSLIDE – WE LOVE TO SKATE

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