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Edea Roller Skate

The EdeaCompany wasestablished in 2000, aftertwo intense years ofresearchthe company finally bringsnew ideas and innovative projects to theskate market.The (RD)company’s research, development and production are based in Italyand focus only onfigure-skating boots (both ice-skating and roller-skating).The companywas founded by Sabrina Merlo, the daughter of Antonio Merlo and Caterina Rizzo,and the niece of Armando Rizzo, who also had founded Risport in 1972.Currently,Ms. Merlo and Mr. Rizzo are supervisors in Edea and are considered tobethe ‘wisdom’ behind thecompany’s success.At Edea, thechallenges, changes and technical innovation faced on a daily basisin the skate sector are seen as stimuli that help maintain thecompany as the leader in its field.

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