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Freestyle-Urban Skates

Freestyle-Urban Skates

What is FREESTYLE Skating The freestyle skating is a competitive sport recognized internationally by the Int’l Federation for Roller Sports and the National Italian Olympic Committee. To practice the freestyle athletes use inline skate call Freestyle skate or Street skates, consisting of a shoe, a metal frame and four in-line wheels of minimum diameter 56 mm but not exceeding 80 mm.The freestyle is practiced most of the time in gyms on the floor or on the concrete along a series of colored cones (10 to 20) arranged in a straight line, even in time to music. You will find Freestyle skating as well in the city, streets and city park.The freestyle skating Regroup different skating discipline which are: style slalom, speed slalom, roller cross, free jump and high jump while abroad is also practiced the style battle and battle the slide.This sport still remains one of the most played recreational sports in the world during your free time, it is usually performed on squares and streets or in any case in areas with smooth pavement, in this context were born many stylistic forms non-competitive as the Aggressive skating or the ‘Urban Slalom.The sport of skating is recognized by doctors as physical activity closer to swimming as it increases the ability of orientation in space, endurance, agility and maintains the upright posture, without which you can not skate, as well the harmonious development of all the muscles of the body.

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