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Kids Skates

Kids Skates

Introducing the Junior Complete Skate, proudly crafted by a renowned skate brand. The boot of these skates boasts a sturdy, fully stitched rubber outsole and durable skate shoe lining for maximum comfort and support. Featuring a newly designed nylon frame with a 5-degree action for enhanced stability, complemented by specially shaped cushions for improved responsiveness. Jam plugs, meticulously developed and tested by a professional skating team, serve as the recommended toe stop choice. The ABEC-9 race spec bearings ensure smooth gliding and longevity, having undergone rigorous testing to guarantee durability. Surrounding these high-performance bearings are top-notch Backspin nylon hub wheels, backed by a lifetime warranty. Available in both black/red and white/pink color options, the Junior Skates cater to sizes 3 to 9, with men's sizing. For ladies, it's advised to go down one size for the best fit.

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