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Moxi Roller Skates

The Moxi Roller Skates was created by LA Roller Derby player Estro Jen Alias Michelle Steilen. Estro got addicted to roller derby and was inspired to use what she knew to see to it that roller skating never went away again. Disenchanted by the lack of maneuverability that popular skating sports like rollerblading had to offer, she latched onto roller derby and decided that the death to rollerblading needed to be pronounced, and the revival of the greatest fun on wheels, roller skating, needed to be born again and stay!While roller derby captured more the aggressive-typed women, the mission of Estro was to harness the acceptance of all women with a desire to be on wheels and look cute while exercising! MOXI ROLLER SKATES (the brand) WAS Born.The MOXI Roller Brand features 2 lines of classic Hi Top boot skates.The Moxi Ivy skate & the Moxi Lolly skate.The Moxi roller skate wheels give you 2styles of wheels as well. The Moxi Gummy and the Moxi Juicy wheels. Both wheels are suitable for every day outdoor skating and can be used as well indoor at your local skating rink. All the Moxi skates are now available at our RollerSkateUSA Store in Miami.

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