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Bont is the world’s largest manufacturer of inline skates. We design, manufacture, and have perfected a range of inline skates for beginners through to speed skates for elite skaters. Additionally, as a manufacturer, we can create custom speed skates in as little as eight weeks!

Bont Skates is famous for pioneering every major boot advancement adopted by other skate manufacturers in the industry today. Bont was the first footwear manufacturer to use materials like fiberglass in 1974, Kevlar in 1986 and Carbon Fiber in 1989, and the first to use heat moldable resins and thermoplastics. Bont Skates invented heat moldable boots and was the first ice skate company to make skates where the blade and frame could be adjusted on the boot. Bont was the first skate company to use lace covers, velcro, and aluminum strengtheners in the boots. We push the limits of technology in ice speed skates, short track skates, roller skates, inline speed skates, and roller derby skates to help you perform at your best. 

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