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Luigino Verducci L2 Black Skate Boots


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Luigino Verducci L2 Black Skate Boots


The L2 Luigino Verducci is a very comfortable boot. It features The Bolt Technology, CarbonShell, and extra Padding to lock your your foot.

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Luigino Verducci L2 Speed Boots
New 2016 LV -Luigino Verducci L2 Black

The L2 Luigino Verducci Features
The Bolt Technology
HighDensity Sole Padding
Extra Padding to lock your foot
Very Comfortable
Luigino Verducci Atod Buckle

TPUToe Protection

VerticalMounting Slots

Size: 38 to 44



Luigino Verducci L2 Speed Boots:

Luigino Verducci introduced the newest Bolt boot to the World in 2013.
The last used to build the Bolt is the best he ever made, and the Bolt boot became rapidly the flagship of all the Verducci boots

In 2015 Luigino Verducci applied the same technology in his newest line of Speed boots:The L3, L2 Boots

The L2 is the best seller in Europe and South America

The L2 also features

The Luigino Verducci Atod Buckle

High Density Sole padding

Extra Padding to lock your ankle for better control

Very comfortable

TPU toe Protection for longevity of the boot

Vertical Mounting Slots

Size: 6/38 to 12/44

Size Chart

Luigino Verducci Sizing Chart:

(As an example if your foot trace is 274mm, we recommend that you go 1 size up)


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Luigino Verducci L2 Black Skate Boots


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