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Bones Swiss (16) Bearings


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Bones Swiss (16) Bearings


The Bones Swiss bearings are the best for Inline speed skating, Derby skating, Artistic skating, Jam, skating Dance skating, and Skateboard.

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Bones Swiss Bearing Pck/16

The Bones Swiss is the best seller bearing.
The Bones Swiss is used by Inline
speed skaters all around the World
The Bones Swiss is best for
Inline speed skating
Derby Skating
Artistic Skating
Jam, Dance, and Skateboard
Available in 7mm and 8mm


Bones Swiss Bearings:

The Legendary Original BonesĀ® Swiss Bearings are the optimum combination of Bones Skate Ratedā„¢ design and Swiss precision manufacturing creating the standard by which all other bearings are measured.

For more than 34 years preferred by the world’s top professional skaters.

Proven, professional competition-grade speed and durability make Bones Swiss normally last several times as long as ordinary ABEC rated bearings.

The Bones Swiss Bearings Features
  • Single, removable, non-contact rubber shield allows easy cleaning and low friction.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer provides added strength and speed.
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream& racing lubricant
  • Skate Rated; clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.
The Bones Swiss is THE Best selling high end skate bearing in the U.S.A and the World


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Bones Swiss (16) Bearings


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