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Moxi Lolly Roller Skate

The name Lolly is inspired by Estro Jens sister, Lolly, who she describes as an old-soul, hippy-chic gal with beauty she humbly hides by keeping natural and classic, never needing to put any effort towards dressing up her inner-beauty with outer aesthetics. But Estro jokes that her skating needing a little pretty-ing up, so she chose colors that she thought girls like Lolly would comfortably rock without so much attention to her roll.The Lolly Skate is colorful & comfortable, with suede leather boots, there is little to no break-in time. The suede leather boot molds to your foot, combined with the shock absorbing Moxi Gummy wheels, you can take to the streets with ease and skate your heart out!All Lolly are hand Made in the USA. 

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