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Edea Ice Boots

The technical innovations applied on all the Edea boots offer significant advantages: ultra-light (the lightest boots in the world), moldable (heat allow them to adapt and customize their shape), thin sole for better control and performances, waterproof sole to keep your feet dry and protect the screws, total ventilation to keep cool and dry feet and avoid allergies, also an anatomic structure for a special comfort, let not forget the strong hooks to hold feet firm and safe, and short adaptation period.All Edea boots are Italian made: Comfort and Beauty and Italian Art.The EDEA Iceartistic boots are designed byexperts,in cooperationwith our technicians and also the assistance of some of the best athletes like Patrick Chan 3 times World Champion, tocover all details which will offers productsto meet all the variousskating requirements.Ourbootsstand out for theirhigh level ofcomfort and the shorttimerequiredto adapt to the skater’s feet.The specialstructure of our boots enables all the standard models in our range tobecustomized.

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