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Vanilla Inline

Vanilla Inline Speed SkatesThe vanilla skate company has been around for many years. Theystarted successfully with the Jam roller skate. They followed with therollerderby, like many other companies did at the same time, and have been very successfulas well.About 6 years ago more or less they introduced their firstinline speed skate with the Flash and blackmail speed skate.Those 2 skates did well for a few years but neededimprovement which took place with the Assassin, the Green Machine and the Heroskate 4×110 which are still selling well.In 2013 and 2014 seasons they are introducing the new lineof vanilla speed skate.The Carbon, The Empire and The Spyder skate .. new skatesnew venture skate safe..******************************************All Vanilla Speed boots are easily molded for increased comfort and performance. We have specifically designed ourspeed inline boots to fit tight rather than loose, as it is much easier to make a boot expand than contract. Our moldingsystem does, however, allow you to improve the fit for a narrow foot in the heel cup and tendon area. Some bootsbecome more pliable than others depending on the makeup of the boot.Please scroll down the page and carefully follow the stepbystep heat molding instructions below to ensure optimum results and avoid damage toyour boots. All our materials have been tested for heat molding per our instructions.There is absolutely no warrantyagainst damaged boots during the heat molding process. Vanilla Skate shoes Heat Molding Instructions1. Remove wheels and bearings. Leave the frames attached to the boot. The frame should be snug on the boot, but not overly tight. You should be able to move the frame from side to side when you apply pressure with your hands.2. Turn on oven and set temperature to 175 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not go beyond 200 degrees at any time for any reason.3. Heat and mold one boot at a time. Before putting your boot and frame in the oven, be sure to loosen the laces enough to easily slide your foot in the boot.4. Place the boot and frame in the oven. Make sure not to let the boot or frame make contact with the heating elements.5. Check the oven after 10 minutes to see if the boot is pliable. If youre not satisfied with the pliability, check it every minute with a maximum of 10 additional minutes.6. Remove from oven with caution! Use hot pad or mitt to remove the boot and avoid contact with the frame and eyelets.7. While sitting in a chair, place the boot on your foot and lace your boots snug do not overtighten. Be sure to wear a sock during this process to protect your foot against the heat. Do not stand on the frame until your boot has completely cooled.8. While sitting, keep your hip and knee in line. Your knee should be directly over your toes. This is an important position to maintain during the molding process.9. Once your boot has completely cooled, repeat steps 18 for the other boot/frame.Additional Molding Tipsa. Most skaters have made great use of a handled screw driver to push out the ankle bone while your boot is hot and pliable. Using the handle to apply pressure can help move the shell out to specific points.b. If you find that the toe box is tight, use your thumbs to press and hold out the areas in the toe box of your boot while the boot is hot and pliable.c. To tighten the heel cup and tendon, place your hands around the back of the boot and squeeze the boot together.Hold the cup/tendon tight until the boot has cooled.

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